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lectureThe Misha Ruth Cohen Education Foundation provides several courses each year for medical professionals. These intensive training protocols result in certification and continuing education and CME units. These classes are held in San Francisco, California.

For the larger community, the foundation provides lectures concerning a variety of complex health issues. These lectures are held in San Francisco. Please check out our online classes if you are interested in taking a class but are not able to travel to San Francisco.

The intensive training classes will be focused on integrating Western and Eastern medicine, specifically Traditional Chinese medicine, in the treatment of complex health issues including, but not restricted to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, cancer support, difficult gynecological problems, and chronic viral diseases.

The classes will be held evenings and weekends in rented classroom spaces in the community. Students are provided with downloadable preparatory and support materials on the calendar page. Each class will range from about 25-40 hours.

The continuing education classes will be focusing on the same complex health issues described above. These classes will range from 2-12 hours, and are in rented classroom spaces at schools or universities, or via this website's online classes.

The Foundation provides lectures at community-based organizations regarding the same complex health issues stated before.

An emphasis in the community-based education lectures are on self-care, although the content of each lecture varies according to the needs of the students and the organization requesting education from the Foundation.

Speakers at events and lectures are practitioners, healthcare providers, and health advocates. Please contact us if you are interested in speaking or taking part in an event.



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